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Thanks for the motivation; your training was one of the most intensive and mind opening experiences. I want to thank and congratulate you on an outstanding job, equally and perhaps more impressive is your attitude, your style, spirit, emotions, feelings, and hard work. I felt you were a great speaker... one of the tricks (an Ice breaking technique it really works.)

Syed Mohsin Hassan,

Supply Chain at ASJC

I called it, friendly and productive. The trainer, Ms. Hiba Beydoun, has a strong charisma, soundly energetic and had an outstanding knowledge of the program from start to the ending part.  You can really feel her presence as a presenter; it's like a local touch, global reach… I encourage my fellow colleagues in ASJC to take part of Ms Beydoun program.  It's a worthwhile learning opportunity that would surely improve your skills & knowledge on professional presentation as well as development of your personality. Good job, Ms Hiba!

Dan G. Conlu, 

Plant Manager Executive Assistant

The ‘Presentation Skills Training’ workshop was unique and special one, I had the opportunity to enhance my presentation skills and then test them against a real audience (my colleagues) which gave me a real life experience that will guild me through my career life, thanks a lot for our trainer and the people who were behind the success of that workshop.

Lama Asaad,

Media Specialist

The public speaking course back in college taught me just half of the information I learned at Hiba's  Presentation Skills workshop. She has deep knowledge of the topic and enlightened us with tips and tricks. Hiba was an ideal presenter as she incorporated fun, interactivity and entertainment within the workshop. Although it was long; it wasn't boring at all. I recommend it to everyone whether they have or lack presentation skills.

Lama Asaad,

Media Specialist


The session was enjoyable, useful, and powerful. It helped me a lot to improve my presentation skills. I like Hiba’s style of presenting by matching between serious and fun learning that we missed in most of workshops. I would like to thank her for her great effort and I wish I can be a good presenter one day.

Deema Sulaiman,

HR Assistant

It was a fantastic opportunity. After getting this training I became more confident in front of audience. Ms Hiba was very good while giving training. In future if there is any training which will be hosted by Ms Hiba, I would like to join it.

Altaf Hussain R. Patel, 

Purchasing Administrator

The presentation Skills Workshop was very helpful. It taught me new and simple techniques and reminded me of previous techniques that I had forgotten. I'm a more confident now that I can create and present a better presentation.

Iman Attar,

Internal Communications Specialist

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