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These 5 Things Made My Marketing Campaign A Success

I ran an award-winning marketing campaign for TRESemmé in 2017 that reached 8.4 million people and fostered fantastic engagement numbers. We uplifted purchase intent by 23.7% (best in class) across our target demographic and increased brand awareness, buying intent, and website traffic significantly. The campaign resulted in 2.5M views, 140K engagements & 6.6M impressions, CPM $3.5, and a total PR value of $213,750 saved.

TRESemmé is a haircare and styling brand by Unilever and has been a part of in New York Fashion Week for the past 10 years. However, it’s relatively new to the Saudi market. My main objective was to increase brand awareness in the Saudi market as TRESemmé products are fairly new in the region. To achieve my objective, I wanted to reach as many of the brands target audience as possible, and using conventional means such as mall or school or instore campaign always had a limited reach.

So I went digital instead.

Here’s a brief summary of the campaign’s components:

The Contest: We first created awareness about a competition (using #TRESMakeOver) in which we launched a contest to win a full makeover and three winners were selected to be flown to Dubai for a makeover by our dream team.

The PR event: Before the live show, we invited influencers to attend an exclusive, in-person event where our dream team did a demo on a model and engaged with the audience.

The LIVE Show: There were three 30-minute segments: a live cut with Georges El Mendelek, make-up tips by artist, Sarah Wada’ani, and styling tips and tricks by Alanoud Badr (aka Fozaza). Influencers also shared tips on how the online audience can do their own makeover. The LIVE show garnered meaningful engagement with the stylists.

Checkout this link if you want to see more about the live-show.

The Makeover: We invited a a guest to a place with no mirrors and we asked her to trust us to transform her look. We shot a promotional video of every aspect of the makeover, including her genuine reaction.

By every metric, our #TRESMakeOver campaign was considered a great success. But believe me, it was no easy task. There were crucial things I had to consider and implement to reach the great results we witnessed. I’ll share with you the five most important things that contributed to the campaign’s success.

1)Think of the value you can bring to your audience.

You must offer value to your target audience. Ad fatigue is an epidemic across the internet, and as marketers, we have to be able to creatively cut through the noise. The key is to offer your audience something that entertains and/or educates them. Engaging on social networks and watching videos online are two of the most common internet activities. Use the knowledge of what people respond to and how they use the internet to your advantage!

For the Campaign we offered valuable content at multiple stages. First, we offered the chance to win a contest for an expense-paid trip (who wouldn’t want that?). Then, we made the makeover event a teachable moment for viewers at home. We utilized video content as much as possible and encouraged engagement through influencer marketing, surveys, and social media.

2) Elevate your idea for maximum reach.

Once I had the idea of #TRESmakeover I looked into all possible touchpoint to engage the audience, not only online, but also in store and on ground. #TRESmakeover started as a contest where 3 winners would be flown to Dubai and get a complete makeover: hair, makeup, and fashion. But to engage with million of audiences and potential consumers I created a virtual event covering each of the 3 segment – how to do your own makeover at home. I also ensured that our TRESemmé in-store displays are properly branded. The PR plans and tactics were also super important to keep expanding on the campaign reach.

Make to come up with a way to quantitatively measure your progress. We measured our success by tracking social media engagement numbers, increased traffic to the website, and ad recall.

3) Build the dream team.

The success of any campaign in highly dependent on the team working on it, and their motivation of having a common goal to reach optimal success. Putting together a team of people is not easy, so imaging bringing together a team of agencies! we made sure that each agency was the expert in their field AND had the right vibe for the group. Delegate important aspects of your strategy to specialists. Partnering up with agencies that are experts in their industry or niche will give you optimal results and meet creative objectives. Make sure each partner knows how to optimize your budget and hit campaign targets promptly.

The team we created for the campaign included 6 agencies, each handled crucial responsibilities:

CreAct was our campaign creative agency.

Traffic was our digital and video production partner.

PHD Media was our media buying partner.

Sweetwater was our event organizer in Dubai.

NAMSHI was our Fashion Partner.

By Niggi (Nikita Phulwani) was our PR and Influencer Agency

We gathered all these major players from their respective industries and used their expertise to generate buzz on social media and organize an event that would hold the audience’s attention.

4) Communicate clearly and keep a checklist and an organized agenda.

Keep communication straightforward and hold meetings with a clear agenda. I can’t stress this enough. This is especially vital to managing a large team. Fostering cooperation and giving everyone clear tasks to accomplish by specific time-line is a must.

Implementing SMART goals is an incredibly useful tool. It can help guide you through your planning process in order to keep your goals concrete. Abstract goals are distracting and immeasurable. You won’t know for sure if you ever hit them!

5) Partner with the right influencers.

The collective follower count of the influencers we hosted was 1.5 million. While reaching a large audience was ideal, we wanted to ensure meaningful engagement.

We made sure that each influencer we invited was a trusted source and actively engaged with their following. As a result, not only did the influencers post beautiful promotional content, they gave viewers at home a window into our event our live-show. They made them feel included and engaged.

When looking at the influencers (Macro or Micro) we ensure that the brands intended target audience is compatible with the influencer.

Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, make sure to get to the heart of your target audience by doing your research. Optimize your strategy by offering value and getting the right people for specialized tasks.

This experience and many others helped shape my own expertise in marketing and business. If you want to elevate your marketing strategy and find effective consultation from a trusted marketing professional, contact me. I will give you a strategy that delivers and a design that will intrigue.

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